Notes on React Europe 2016

The second React Europe conference has just finished and this is a jotting-down of some thoughts on the conference and my favorite talks whilst the Parisian red wine and almond croissants clear out of my system.

The organizers are kindly putting up videos on YouTube as I write this.

The Conference

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Optimizing Webpack build times and improving caching with DLL bundles

Webpack's Dll and DllReference plugins are a way to split a large JavaScript project into multiple bundles which can be compiled independently. They can be used to optimize build times (both full and incremental) and improve caching for users by putting code which changes infrequently into separate "library" bundles. The term 'Dll' is short for Dynamically Linked Library which is a feature for native Windows applications that solves the same problem.

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Understanding the QWidget layout flow

When layouts in a UI are not behaving as expected or performance is poor, it can be helpful to have a mental model of the layout process in order to know where to start debugging. For web browsers there are some good resources which provide a description of the process at different levels. The layout documentation for Qt describes the various layout facilities that are available but I haven't found a detailed description of the flow, so this is my attempt to explain what happens when a layout is triggered that ultimately ends up with the widgets being resized and repositioned appropriately.

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